Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

Another conspiracy theory

I wasn’t going to say anything about this.  It’s way outside the scope of what I know anything about.  Then I saw no less a source than The BBC publishing a conspiracy theory, so I thought I’d add my £0.02.

Who is in charge of current events in Pakistan?

The military dictator has been good for The West for several years.  And it’s hard to fault some of what he’s done, especially in defusing the tension with India.  But he’s now in trouble, and potentially a candidate to go the way of the Shah of Iran – the western-backed despot who was deposed in the then-popular Islamic revolution in 1979.

So, accepting that he’ll fall sooner or later, the next best thing the West would like is former democratic prime minister Bhutto.  But she’s been weakened by seeming too close to the dictator, to the likely benefit of her democratic rival Sharif, and probably others altogether more hostile to western interests.

What better for Bhutto and her friends than a little bit of old-fashioned repression with extraordinarily convenient echoes of Burma?