Where political correctness cannot go

Just watched Wozzeck. Alas, only on DVD, but IMHO a very fine performance, from the Wiener Staatsoper. It’s the first time I’ve seen Wozzeck, and it reaffirms my view of Berg as the outstanding avant-garde composer of the inter-war years.

I couldn’t help wondering how, in our times, anyone gets this work past the PC brigade. The story of bullying, adultery/prostitution, and ultimately murder and madness, is clearly adult. Or at least something that would get an intermediate classification if it were a film. Yet the young child is indispensible, and must be a real child: you might substitute a doll in the early scenes, but not playing in the street at the end when they report the discovery of his mother’s body.

Perhaps the fact that the Nazis banned it as degenerate makes it immune from criticism by the Politically Correct?

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