Here be dragons!

I’ve just received a huge bag of chillies through the post.  They look hot!

It’s all noodl’s fault.  He’s back in Blighty from Thailand.  I’d joked on IRC about wanting some nice chilli from .th, and he took me at my word, bless him!

I’m a lover of hot chillies.  Several times a week I’ll indulge in a stirfry or curry, and we’re just heading into the season of turning big vegetables into rich soups.  Not to mention dips and infusions.  But now I’m going to have to broaden the repertoire further: perhaps take advantage of superabundant blackberries and apples and brew up some chutney.  Or even try homemade chilli jam (yes, there’s a local shop that sells chilli jam, and it’s delicious).

/me breathing fire for the forseeable future!


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  1. Chilli jam sounds awesome. I’ll be looking out for that one.

  2. noodl: If it helps, I get the chilli jam from

  3. noodl: from your website it looks like you’re based in Bristol. I work in Bristol from time to time, so could convey a jar up to you if you like (I live in Tavistock and shop at Country Cheeses regularly so I can get hold of chilli jam at will). My email is john at peppermintcat/co/uk . Cheers.

  4. I edited John’s addr to help reduce exposure to spambots.

  5. Thanks Nick. Thought about that only after I’d posted it!

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