Not the ITIN, again

I got another letter today, from the US IRS. It’s all part of the ITIN saga. This one says they’re refusing me an ITIN, because I already have one.

Well, that’s true. But, erm, I didn’t when I applied. Let’s review the chronology of it:

  1. Late February: initial application with (expensive) supporting documentation. According to their literature, I should have it within six weeks.
  2. Early May: Nine weeks after applying, I try to follow it up. They can’t find it!
  3. Later May: Apply a second time, this time in person at the US embassy in London. This one will take up to twelve weeks.
  4. Mid-August: the ITIN finally arrives, about twelve weeks after the second application.
  5. Today: Letter arrives refusing an ITIN because I already have one.

My guess is that both applications finally got processed, though now I’ve no idea which one brought me the August number, and which led to today’s rejection. I just have to hope they won’t give me any more trouble. I think my executive summary from August still stands.


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