Paving the world

Tavistock seems to have become a big cluster of construction sites. There’s yet more work going on at the flats across the road from me: something with ladders, and the garden is now covered in black plastic, having been mercilessly chopped by a chainsaw. There are two huge new estates (hundreds of houses each), and the flats are just one of numerous smaller developments. Non-residential construction includes new office buildings up next door to the council offices. And there’s Sainsburys’ application to build a new superstore: with so many new homes, there’ll be an ample market for them: just a pity it’s not Tescos. All in what was until recently a small market town (population 10800 according to the council’s website).

And there’s works on the river. According to the notices, that’s supposed to last twelve weeks, which means the works must be halfway through. The path on one side is closed completely (that’s the section of path in this photo), and on the other side is infested with construction kit. And they’ve built right out into the river, halfway across the wier, including the salmon chute. They’ve also cut off the main water supply to the canal, which is now a sorry sight: just a trickle of stagnant water, and hinting at a smell. A few weeks ago the ducks were looking unhappy; now they’ve disappeared altogether. I expect that’s true of a range of wildlife.

I keep saying this, but … time to move out.

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  1. Those ducks are resilient characters. The canal’s been drained before for various reasons, and they’re always back once the water level has been restored. They even survived me feeding them bread when I was a kid…I think the river life will recover pretty well once the current works are over.

    As for the extra housing and the supermarket, well there’s obviously a demand. My biggest concern is the fact that here in the UK we are rather poor at ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place to cope with additional housing – so look forward to overcrowded schools, inadequate public transport etc etc!

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