This morning, we had a power cut. In fact, we had over five hours without power. So I had a working laptop (for as much of it as I needed), but no ‘net.

The hard bit was getting up:

  • What’s that continuous beeping? Oh, the house’s fire alarm complaining. Was there another false alarm in someone’s flat, so they had to mess with it?
  • Right. Get up. Put the kettle on.
  • Return to kettle, wonder why nothing’s happening. Yes I did turn it on.
  • [Oh, that’s why the (battery-backed) fire alarm is complaining.]
  • Dig up camping stove and pan. Put water in.
  • Buggrit, can’t find a lighter. And it’s b***** Sunday, too. Any other day of the week, there would be a couple of cafés open within staggering distance.
  • OK, who’s far enough away to be unaffected by the power cut, but near enough to call on? Try phoning John. Not convenient to scrounge a cuppa there this morning.
  • Finally find a lighter. Aaaah, can now boil water. Wonderful.
  • … But can’t find the (detachable) handle for the pan. Give myself a burn pouring it. Ouch 😦 Later boil up another brew, but use a normal saucepan (with handle) this time, so I just have to watch it doesn’t overbalance.

Ouch! Just shows how reliant one becomes on electricity.


Posted on September 9, 2007, in tavistock. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I was without Internet connectivity the other night, presumably due to an outage with my ISP (the BT ADSL line seemed to be ok, but no service nonetheless). Not quite as bad as no electricity – I could still shower and cook my dinner – but damned annoying as I had an urgent piece of client work that needed to be emailed.

    Revenge for not providing that Sunday cuppa, perhaps?

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