Cold Turkey

I’ve been caffeine-free for 72 hours!

Caffeine is the only known addictive drug I take far too much of, and feel unwell if I withdraw (I’ve been known to chew instant coffee granules just for a fix).  So going without for 3 days is indeed going cold turkey, albeit a very easy process compared to what one hears of withdrawing from some other drugs.

Why?  Well, I went down with a lurgy last week.  One of the symptoms of that is going right off my cuppa tea (my staple drink, of which I normally drink several pints per day).  My last cup on Thursday made me feel much worse, so I stopped altogether and moved to the purely herbal teas.

Now on past experience, going cold turkey means about 24 hours of mild headache and general lethargy, after which I’m fine.  That is to say, the symptoms are a subset of those of the lurgy itself.  On Friday, I was indeed down with those symptoms.  On Saturday, the lurgy was well on the way to clear, and I had milder symptoms with a craving for caffeine.  Today the craving is much reduced, too.  I might just declare the body cleaned up, and allow myself an espresso if I feel like one tonight.  Perhaps a small one rather than the usual double.


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