Power-hungry devices

Why do some devices make it so unnecessarily hard or annoying to save power?

It’s a trivial amount, but that shiny new mouse has no usable on/off switch, and declines to stop using power when out of use. Inserting (as for travel) the USB gubbins that connects it to the ‘puter seems to work, but is only a little less OTT than taking the battery out. That wasn’t a consideration with any of the old ball+cord mice.

On a slightly bigger scale, many of the routers I’ve encountered lack an off switch. And they use hugely more power than a mouse when not in use. And don’t get me started on the big blue lights some modern computer gear flash at you, even when supposedly asleep: power use may be minimal, but annoyance isn’t. That goes for standby lights of all kinds too, from the macbook’s to the fire alarm’s.

Grrr …

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