Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

Autumn fruits

You know Autumn is here when the blackberries are ripe on the bramble.  This year, like last, autumn has come early, and this morning I picked my first blackberries of the year.  The ripe ones are still relatively few and far between, but I managed to collect just over two litres of them, mostly from on and around the old viaduct.

I fear it will not be a good season for them, mostly because it’s too wet.  The last time we had a season with no prolonged dry periods was 2004, when it became a challenge to find berries that were ripe without being also rotten.  There are definite signs of that happening again this year, unless we get a change to more settled weather over the next couple of months.

I started on the canal towpath (very little fruit there yet), before going up to the viaduct.  On the footpath along the Callington Road, some ghastly old bat emerged from a house on the far side of the road and asserted her rights to the blackberries there.  Not that she’d have been physically capable of picking them.  Contrasts sharply to one occasion last year, when I was picking them along the road out to Mount House School, and a very nice lady hailed me and asked if I’d like to collect a few cooking apples from her ample surplus (several big trees) to go with them.