ITIN at last!

Just three months after my second application, which I travelled to make in person, I finally have an ITIN. That is, a US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. So finally my publisher can pay royalties on the book. That is, assuming there are no further hurdles in the way.

I must email them soon. It would be nice to hear how sales are going, too. Shame the dollar has lost half its value while I was waiting 😦


I really should use this post to pass on the Executive Summary and Recommendation to anyone else needing an ITIN from the US government:

  • Don’t send them the forms.
  • Do go in person to the nearest embassy, no matter how inconvenient.

Or failing that, pay one of the agents listed on their webpages to do the whole job. In retrospect, I’d probably have been better off stumping up some utterly exorbitant fee to have KPMG (who are an accredited agent and have an office in Plymouth) do it for me.


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  1. Following on from your update (final paragraph and sentence), I doubt it. I worked for the aforementioned outfit for many years, and they moved progressively away from the small business/personal market throughout that time, focusing on “high net worth” individuals and larger companies – even in Plymouth. You’d pay a hefty fee – four figures I expect. You’d probably be better off forgoing your royalties! DIY is the best route as you discovered.

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