Untying business?

Today’s news: the Tories want to cut regulation on business. Details not reported anywhere I’ve seen (not that I’ve been looking).

Good: less hassle and red tape.

Bad: making it easier for crooks.

On balance, they’re probably right. The history of red tape is that it ties up the honest, leaves ample loopholes for the serious crooks, and perhaps does some good in a grey area between the two.

On the other hand, the author is John Redwood. That fails to inspire confidence. Guess I’ll have to wait for details.


Posted on August 12, 2007, in politics, uk. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Not sure I like what I’ve heard so far. Relaxations of health & safety and data protection legislation seem to be prominent features of the proposals. That sounds like more workplace deaths and injuries, and more personal data being retained and used by commerce without our knowledge and approval, presumably for unsolicited marketing, hidden credit checking etc. I guess Redwood is pandering to his traditional right wing libertarian constituency.

    A far more sensible approach would be simplification rather than the “rolling back” of legislation, to make it easier for business to comply. A successful example was that of Italy where, a few years back, the government decided to greatly simplify (note, NOT reduce) a labyrinthine system of business taxes. The result: Large numbers (in excess of 1 million, I seem to recall) of previously unregistered and non-tax paying businesses became legal, and goervnment revenues actually rose.

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