Daily Archives: August 8, 2007

Apache/APR MySQL Driver

The subject of bundling the MySQL driver with APR has resurfaced on the APR developer list.

It looks different to last time it was discussed. We can still argue over whether the driver or anything else is a derived work within the meaning of the GPL. But we don’t really need to: we have MySQL’s FOSS “exception” explicitly sanctioning what we want to do. And we’ve reviewed it in the context of Debian bundling the driver.

Suppose we were distributing a non-free product that was arguably a MySQL “derivative work” under the terms of the GPL. We could negotiate terms with MySQL. For a commercial product, that would probably mean paying them money, but that’s beside the point. Under our agreement with MySQL, we can distribute our product on our agreed terms, without reference to the GPL. No problem.

But that’s exactly what the FOSS Exception gives us. Explicit permission to distribute our product under the ASL. We didn’t pay for it, but we got it anyway. End of problem.

I think that driver could finally be migrating to apache.org. Thanks to Joachim for prompting me to revisit the subject.