Little boxes yet again

After two years of building and associated working, the little boxes across the road look as if they might finally have someone moving in, maybe by the end of the year. There’s now an estate agent’s board at the entrance (a narrow passage off Paddons Row), and peering in at it, the front no longer looks like a hard-hat area.

But still the works go on. Right now there’s a big trench in the garden area, and four men laying pipes. Earlier in the week it was big white pipes, today it’s copper pipes. And it’s noisier than it’s been for a while, with digging and cutting equipment. The trench appears to go right in under the building! I was half-wondering if any of the pipes might have been concerned with heat-exchange, but that would be too sensible for a real-world builder.

Meanwhile the roofs look a bit like a miniature wildflower meadow. Except everything is too thin: the soil (whatever it is) is about as rich as a gravel drive, so the meadow is thin and scraggly, and not half as pretty as the real thing. With all the yellow flowers, there ought to be lots of butterflies and bees, but I don’t see very many. But there must be insect life, ‘cos the birds are there to eat them.


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