mod_proxy_html 3.0

WebThing Ltd is pleased to announce Version 3.0 of mod_proxy_html.  This is the first major update in three years to WebThing’s most popular module for Apache httpd 2.x.

mod_proxy_html is a filter module to rewrite the links in an  HTML page on-the-fly.  It is an essential component of a reverse proxy, where pages coming from the backend server may contain links that are valid only within a private network, and would be unresolvable to users of the proxy.

mod_proxy_html was first published in 2003.  In July 2004, Version 2 added support for links in scripts and stylesheets, basic internationalisation, regular expressions, <META> parsing, and verbose logging for debugging/diagnostic help.

A development version of a major update destined to be Version 3 was first published in December 2006.  Initially this had problems, but since the most recent fixes made in June 2007, reports have indicated it working well.  Today it has been packaged and released as Version 3.0.0 at

The principal changes in Version 3 include:

  • Much improved internationalisation/charset support.
  • Configurable to support proprietary HTML variants (defaulting to standard HTML).
  • Flexible configuration with environment variable interpolation and conditional rules.
  • Improved robustness against malformed HTML, and partial validation and correction.

All new features are documented, but some new topic-guides still need to be written to expand and ultimately replace the Technical Guide.

As ever, feedback, bug reports and feature requests are encouraged.


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  1. Hi,

    In summary I’ve installed mod_proxy_html 3.0 on Apache running on redhat. When I enable it in the Config file (SetOutputFilter proxy-html), and try to pull up a simple html page, I get a Segmentation error and a “bad gateway” error page n the browser. If I comment out the SetOutputFilter proxy-html line then the page displays in the browser. The config file is very basic. I can supply additional info if needed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!



  2. Gus – I guess you forgot to include proxy_html.conf, or indeed *any* ProxyHTMLLinks. There’s a bug (fixed in SVN) – that dereferences a null pointer when you tell it to rewrite nothing at all.

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