What a ripoff!

Tavistock “food and drink festival” is on this weekend. It’s in the Wharf carpark, which is pleasantly-situated between the river, the wharf theatre, swimming pool, and town centre, as well as being the biggest open/flat/hardstanding area in town. They’ve closed the whole area off, including (on-foot) access from the path along the river, which makes the thing seem bloomin’ unfriendly.

This morning I tried going to it, expecting to look around and sample some goodies. Now it becomes clear why everything is blocked off. There’s just one official entrance, and they charge four quid entry! Good grief!

Well, I’m perfectly happy to spend four quid at a stall whose food and/or drink impresses me. In fact I was hoping to find enough to delight me that I’d spend a good deal more than that: indeed, it was in anticipation of this that I didn’t go food shopping on Friday. But a hefty charge just for entrance, ferchrissake? What a bloody ripoff!

Guess it’s longlife food for this evening, then. Might do something interesting with quinoa and fruit&nuts. Or find something in the freezer that’ll go on pasta.


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  1. I went along today and enjoyed it. Yes they do charge – it’s an expensive event to put on. Apparently they had 3000 visitors yesterday (Saturday) so somebody must be doing something right. It’s NOT a farmer’s market nor is it subsidised by big business. They need to make a charge to balance the books. Also, the problem if you don’t charge for these sorts of events is that the place fills up with people who’ve got no intention of buying anything, or indeed who have no interest in quality produce and local food at all, but who simply want to guzzle as much as possible for “nowt”. As with most things in life, one has to make a balanced decision and I think the organisers are right on this one.

    I though the organisation and quality of the event was pretty good, vastly better than the free-of-charge equivalent that takes place in Plymouth each year and which many of the producers avoid due to the boorish behaviour of the “free food and booze” brigade who prevent anyone with a serious interest from enjoying the event.

    I more than recouped my entry fee by getting a jolly decent discount on a case of wine from Derek Pritchard of Dunkery Vineyard in Somerset – a very civilised and modest man, yet possible one of the UK’s best winemakers. http://www.exmoor-excellence.com

  2. Sorry, “possibly”, not “possible” in that last sentence!

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