Tavistock is not bad for day-to-day shopping. In fact it’s pretty good, with a market, an in-town supermarket, and a range of small shops.

That is, hitherto.

Now the supermarket (Somerfield) has taken to playing muzak. And it’s a nastier strain even than DIY-store-mindless. Nor was it a one-off: I’ve walked in and been driven out three times in less than a week.

That means we no longer have an in-town source for a wide range of everyday staples. I get bread, fruit&veg, and wholefoods in the small shops and market, but other food, as well as household stuff, comes mostly from the supermarket.

In the morning, I’m going to have to traipse off further afield. My options are Morrisons, a mile or so further away but not very nice either, or Tescos, which means an extra ten miles (each way) across Dartmoor. I expect I’ll be using both of them rather more in future.

Bah, Humbug.

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  1. I think Somerfield came out bottom in that survey of green supermarkets for BBC’s Money Programme, but I don’t think Tesco and Morrisons are significantly better. Why not complain to the Somerfield’s manager first? (Second, see if you can get a non-chav Cooperative Food supermarket to open in the town, or join or start a local food cooperative…)

  2. I know Somerfield came out badly, and I’m less than happy with using them. But we don’t have a useful choice around here.

    There’s a very small coop, but it has the same crap as somerfield, and other problems. I do miss the (much better but still not large) coop where I used to live, about six miles away.

  3. If I recall rightly, Morrisons have muzak going on too – at least they have on the rare occasions when I have been in there.

    There’s a rumour that Sainsburys might be coming to the town in the not too distant future, so you’ll then have the choice of two grotty UK supermarkets or a branch of the ruling family of Qatar, if the current takeover speculation is to be believed.

    What choice!

  4. Yep, Morrisons commonly does. That’s why I originally stopped shopping there. But Somerfield’s is now worse. That leaves Tescos. But at that distance, I’m going to have to be much more organised. As for Sainsburys, they’ll be somewhere in the region of the huge new Tiddy Brook estate, right? That is, if they get planning permission.

    Guess I’ll probably end up buying more in Crebers and the cheese shop too. Not good for the budget if I start using luxury shops for everyday.

  5. At least Crebers and the cheese shop sell a good range of local quality produce, and the profits stay in the local economy. Trouble with us Brits is that we’re addicted to cheap food and don’t care who gets screwed in producing it!

  6. At least Crebers and the cheese shop sell a respectable range of quality local produce, and the profits stay in the local economy. Trouble with us Brits is that we’re addicted to cheap food and don’t care who gets screwed in producing it!

  7. Oops! Not sure how my comment ended up in there twice, with modifications! Computer seemed to hang up during the first submission.

  8. I had the same problem with my local Somerfield. I just persisted in complaining and filling in the complaint book on the very rare occasions I visited. I also wrote to the manager of that branch and head office.

    Eventually, after a couple of years, the muzak disappeared. I have no idea if my complaints were effective or if a new manager with different ideas was appointed.

  9. There are further ideas about how to complain on this website:

  10. JOOI, which type of the cooperative food store do you have? A chavtastic Welcome or one of the greenies? I’m currently agitating on the membership site about the brain-dead “ranging” policy which stops Welcome stores ordering products requested by customer-members and seems to lead to ever-increasing space for the most profitable sweets, fags and booze.

  11. MJR, it’s a mini-supermarket place. With nasty muzak most of the time. I don’t know about their policies, nor to I want to hang around long enough to find out (I do buy milk and fruit juice there, but that’s quick in and out).

    The one thing I can identify that seems ‘ethical’ about both this coop and the much better one I mentioned before is that they do employ people with conspicuous disabilities, even in customer-facing roles.

  12. Stumbled on your blog. Really have enjoyed your ranting and admire your civil courage.I thought I was the only one who thought negatively about every day life. It seems the U.K is worse than here.You have encouraged me to shout louder.Thanks.

  13. I’m one for shopping online – been a whole lot easier this xmas too!

    try the ASDA website!

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