Bug counts

Someone just posted to the one of the apache lists that there are nearly 200 open ‘bug’ reports with patches available. He’s right.

Now a lot of them are in the class notabug. For example, a proposed patch might break apache for some or most users (and so cannot be accepted), but nevertheless right be for some. Quite a few reports are left deliberately open just so that people who need the patches can find them.

On the other hand, many are real, unfixed bugs.

Patches that can be applied range from trivial to deep. Some weeks back I started reviewing one of the most complex and important, but got distracted. I’m trying to gear up to returning to that now.

In the meantime, I just picked some of the lowest-hanging fruit and closed 8 of the reports, where patches were valid and trivial. None of them were bugs, just tiny cleanups. But it pushes that count down for no real effort.


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