Lucky London!

UK national politics remain a very sick joke.

But London politics are looking like lots of fun, with the prospect of Boris Johnson challenging the incumbent mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone.

So that’s two people with their own minds and personalities. An election where neither of the two leading candidates is a mindless party apparatchik.

Livingston has been one of the UK’s most effective politicians during his time in office. His most notable achievement is to have successfully taken on a powerful motoring lobby that had become the biggest single problem his city faced. This is in sharp contrast to our national politicians, who are slaves to the motoring lobby[1].

I don’t know that much about London’s government these days: it has no direct effect on me. But I expect both these candidates will have some interesting and worthwhile ideas. I shall watch with interest.

[1] Or rather the meeja who shamelessly back it. Note I didn’t say “motorists”: that would’ve pointed an accusing finger at the silent majority, who pointedly did not support the militant lobby.

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