Daily Archives: June 16, 2007

mod_proxy_html 3

It’s close to 6 months since I announced a first dev-version of mod_proxy_html 3.0.  In that time, my attention has been elsewhere, as most users stick with the stable version 2.5.

I’ve also had a handful of reports of 3.0 segfaulting.  Hitherto none of the reporters has responded to my requests for a test case, and I wasn’t able to reproduce it.  So no fix.

Yesterday evening when I was out, I got the email that nailed it.  My client on a mostly-different job is using mod_proxy_html 3, and reported a URL that returned a blank browser screen through the proxy.  Today I tested it myself, and finally traced what is almost certainly the bug.  And it’s one of those “duh” moments: I’d already had to fix the same bug in other modules including mod_proxy_html 2.5.

So anyone using mod_proxy_html and prepared to test-drive an update, please download the update (svn r87 or up) and give it a try!