Daily Archives: June 4, 2007


This morning I had an unexpected ring on the doorbell[1].  Looking out of the window by my desk[2], I saw a policeman.  He asked for access to the back garden, explaining that some neighbour’s telephone had been thrown over the fence into the garden, and could he retrieve it.

Huh?  How on Earth is this a police matter?  Why can’t the ‘phone’s owner just come and ask for it?  Don’t the police have better things to do with their time?

Anyway, it seemed harmless enough, so I let him come through to the garden (which is shared between the four flats in this house).  He rang the number, and indeed we heard the phone ringing.  It was clearly not in our garden, but next door!


Well, if the police have time for that kind of trivia, will they please take a few minutes each day to remove the cars that routinely (and totally illegally) park to block the pavement outside, and make the road a complete no-go area for anyone not quite agile enough to walk around them in the middle of the road (like my recent neighbour Mrs B., whose arthritis left her walking very slowly and carefully on two sticks).

[1] Actually two, but the other was just the man come to read the electricity meters.

[2] It’s quicker than going to the entryphone.  Especially when it’s kiddies who ring the doorbell then run off.

apr_dbd_freetds driver

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been test-driving the APR DBD driver for FreeTDS, and getting to grips with it. Tonight I’ve reached the point where I’m (provisionally) satisfied that it’s working sufficiently for my client’s immediate needs, as well as for general webserver tasks such as SQL authentication and rewritemaps.

So, once I get round to uploading it, Sybase and Microsoft SQL join MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Oracle as databases supported or partially supported by APR/Apache.

The documentation sucks compared to either MySQL or PostgreSQL, but it’s a million times better to work with than the Oracle crap. And although these databases are not open-source, the FreeTDS source is eminently readable. That helps a lot!

There’s still lots to do before it can be described as a full-featured driver, let alone an adequately-tested one. But we have worthwhile progress. And a new feature that could be worth generalising to apr_dbd so all drivers can use it.