Last day of ApacheCon

Well, one day to go. Last two days+nights have been ‘silly’ overindulgence in food and booze; today will be more restrained ‘cos I’m setting off for home before drink-time this evening. Lots of piccies/etc going up on the web under an apachecon tag.

Yesterday was the main social binge. First came the ‘lightning talks’ which are the highlight of every ApacheCon. With google-beer[1]. Next was the party just up the road with sun-beer[1], and also wine and nibbles. Rather good nibbles, after the ApacheCon food itself has been seriously disappointing. I slipped out of that one when a bunch of smokers lit up and made it a no-go area, and found myself in a jolly but ad-hoc group. We wandered the streets of Amsterdam, ending up in a Portuguese restaurant, where more food and booze was consumed. Thereafter, Yours Truly wimped out and returned to the hotel.

And now, a final day of conference. Time for breakfast!

[1] Or rather Heineken:-(

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