Day 1 today. Yours truly knackered.

After the ups and downs of my tutorial, I gave a half-today today. Concentrated on the general topics – those that don’t come best from reading the book. Today’s attendees seemed interested, and have an open invitation to bug me for the rest of the week.

This morning was one for me: I went to Sally Khudairi’s media training, all about presentation (which I know to be a major weakness of mine). We all spoke a bit on apache-related subjects, commented on each other, and highlighted strengths and weaknesses. Definitely thought-provoking. Which is what it’s meant to be.

Not impressed with the venue. The hotel has great views, but not so much else. Food is overpriced and not great; decor is IKEA-style (adequate but no more). And the room is way too noisy for a supposedly-posh hotel. And too hot.

And they’ve taken my mug! I brought my own mug because I’m accustomed to hotels providing stupidly small cups in the room, so I have to go and buy my own (happened in both Dublin and Brussels last year). But the hotel’s conference mugs look rather similar: they’re the same height and colour, and a similar shape. But theirs are much narrower, and you couldn’t confuse my handle for theirs. So I’m again without an adequate-size mug!



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  1. Hi, I’m from Dublin and id like to know what ya thought of our fair city?

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