Daily Archives: April 23, 2007

Preparing for ApacheCon

My ApacheCon talk remains in preparation. But under pressure from the organisers, I’ve put together a collection of thirtysomething slides (including one from someone kind enough to send me the quick overview of his project last week) and submitted it, with caveats. Trying hard to avoid “death by powerpoint” and restricting the slides to reminders to myself as speaker, but I’d do a better job of that if it were material from the book (and, therefore, material whose presentation I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking through).

My conference presentations tend to be oriented to new developments: from technical stuff for developers to technology overview stuff for IT managers. This one is a departure: it’s for system administrators. Largely it’s stuff I keep finding myself explaining in the various support fora I frequent.

See you in Amsterdam (FSVO “you”:-)