Where’s my server? (sequel)

Last week my server lost its networking for several hours. It appears the route to it is being permanently decommissioned.

So late last night its networking was updated. This included assigning it a new IP number. The DNS update appears now to have propagated around much but not all of the ‘net. So if you’ve tried and failed to get through to anything I host in the past (or next) few hours, that’s why.

For the non-techies out there, DNS is the ‘net’s addressing database, and DNS update is analagous to changing address. If your letter is in the post to my old address, it’ll have to be re-routed, and that can only happen when the post office have my new address. Some local post office branches take a while to update.

Oh, and also for non-techies, I need to add that nothing has changed in the human-readable forms of my addresses. Anything with a domain name (such as webthing.com) in is exactly as before. It’s your computer that needs to know about the changes, not you.

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  1. Steve Loughran

    ahh, I hate that. When you know the address is going to change, you can give the entries a TTL of a couple of hours, so the caches expire more often, but if its the infrastructure playing up without warning, you don’t get that luxury.

  2. Thanks for the non-techie explanation – the workings of the Internet remain a deep mystery to me so this is helpful.

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