When I got back on Sunday night (about 12:30), them downstairs were moving out. About three hours later, they were finished with a lot of heavy stuff, and cleaning (yep, I could of course hear it all, as usual).

This is good news for my sleep patterns: now I can go to bed at midnight, or even earlier if I feel like it, with the expectation of sleep. No heavy tread and slamming doors to shake the whole floor under me. And a better chance of a lie-in in the morning when I feel like it.

The bad news is that, though they were noisy, they weren’t really bad neighbours. The real underlying problem is the inadequate construction of the building, that transmits far too much vibration. So I just have to hope that when the agent finds a new tenant, it’s someone with a lighter touch and tread.

In the meantime, zzzzzz ….

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