Equinocturnal chill

I’m not sure of the exact time, but the equinox is about now. And we’ve got a sudden cold snap. Or what passes for cold here: the BBC weather page says tonight’s minimum will be -5°, though the daytime remains mild and sunny, and it’s just the one night below zero forecast. This is as cold as we’ve had all winter!

I mentioned before that we had a big tree in blossom as far back as the beginning of February. Until a couple of days ago it’s been a persistently very warm spring, with a mix of wet (more than average) and sunny. The daffodils are out now, which is right, but so are a great many other plants that shouldn’t be flowering until much later! What’s largely missing are the insects to pollinate them: I’ve seen the occasional bumblebee, but no honeybees or butterflies yet this season. I wonder which of the plants will suffer from that, and whether missing so many flowers will adversely affect the insects?

[UPDATE] The BBC weather forecast was, as usual, a pile of ****.  The core of the “arctic blast” passed, but the night never went below zero!

Posted on March 20, 2007, in dartmoor, seasons, tavistock. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Just for the record there was a frost on the car windscreen and the thermometer showed -1.5 up here at the top of the town this morning.

  2. Hehe. None on the cars outside here. Maybe that’s something to do with me being on a south-facing slope. Though that wouldn’t account for the absence of any frost on the north-facing roofs down in the town centre, either.

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