I was out earlier this evening.  It’s a wild, very wet and windy night, so I didn’t expect to see much human activity.  And indeed, I saw very little.

On the other hand, what I heard was quite surreal.  Tinkling and badly distorted strains of Canzoni Napolitani: the unmistakeable sound of an ice cream van, characteristic of the streets of our towns.

Twice, in different places!

Do they think it’s summer? Are there enough kiddies who will venture out in this weather for an icecream to make it a viable business (I doubt it)? Or is someone badly organised and desparate?


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  1. I too have had odd ice cream van experiences on the moor. My dad lives at a residential home on the edge of the moor near Yelverton and I go up there to visit a couple of times a week. On a number of occasions during January and February I have braved the mist and rain to visit him, only to pass an ice cream van parked at the side of the road, nowhere near habitation and in the pitch dark.

    At least once I thought I glimpsed two figures in the van, a young man and woman. I did not stop to investigate, not wishing to be seen as guilty of voyeurism, but I have a theory.

    The ice cream van is driven by a local Romeo who, having no more suitable place to undertake his amorous activities, has his wicked way with his girlfriend in said ice cream van. Just a theory….

  2. AFAIK, up around Yelverton is different. They park up for the day at their spots around the old airfield, and catch the family days out on the moors. None of that stupid tinkling!

  3. Agreed, but when it gets dark at four, why would they still be around at eight in the furthest corners of the common, well away from the car parks and in atrocious weather? Next time I’ll stop and ask for a Cornetto; on second thoughts, perhaps not!

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