Apache – what next?

The Apache web server has recently created a new branch to play with ideas for a major new release, which may be labelled 3.0.  Different people within the developers have different ideas: no doubt some but not all of them will prevail.

How about the users?  What do you want in a new Apache release?

I think I might make an El Reg article out of this.  Only for that I’ll flesh out the question with some of the topics under discussion (or potentially under discussion).  Get your comments in quick, and I might even feature your ideas!


Posted on February 20, 2007, in apache. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. niq: What’s async io? It sounds fancy but I suspect most apache users aren’t going to get that excited about it. Of course, #apache can tell us a lot:

    Why don’t my vhosts work? (because NameVirtualHost and VirtualHost’s values aren’t intuitive, i.e. doesn’t match *:80)
    Why is my php script being offered for download?
    Can I put arbitrary vhost configs in a database?
    How can I use variables at runtime? (such as, can autoindex be restricted by ip)
    Can I have different vhosts run under different userids (both modules and cgi together)?

    Of course being a regular you know all these 🙂

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