Travel misery

Where do I go to join a bus user group and bring pressure on the Powers That Be?

Buses in recent years have been quite reasonable.  Gone are the days when they are routinely filthy, dilapidated and stink of smoke.  And for a rural area, our service here is excellent.

But in recent months, we’ve got a new nuisance.  The crap that’s coming out of mobile phones these days can be b***** painful.  And the mobile phone users haven’t discovered headphones, so they think they have them on quietly, but are actually creating much more nuisance than the old walkmans.  Ringtones are bad enough, but at least they’re transient: the real pain is when the noise just goes on and on.

The trains have started to address this by providing quiet carriages.  This looks a little like the early tentative attempts to introduce non-smoking carriages: pretty ineffective, but better than nothing.  And hopefully, as with smoke-free travel, it’ll improve over time.

But right now, on the buses, there’s no escape.

And right now, what I want to do is prevail on the bus operators and perhaps the meeja to run a campaign.  The buses should have notices prohibiting electronically-generated noise.  And there should be a public campaign of acceptability, along the lines of the one that’s changed smokers’ behaviour from ignoring to respecting the rights of the rest of us.

Where can I sign up?


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  1. Nick

    Here’s a recent article from the BBC on the same topic – it might give you a few ideas.

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