A crisis for PM

Last autumn, under pressure from his friends, The Liar promised to step down within a year.  The pressure went away, and with it the appearance of his having any intention to go.  That leaves the cynics among us half-expecting a new major crisis (a terrorist outrage looks a good candidate) that’ll call for his full attention so the subject goes away again next time the pressure builds.

Now we have asian bird ‘flu.  In a farm owned by a company that’s a byword for industrial-grade production of foul plastic food.  It’s totally out of season for it to have been brought by migrating wild birds.  Could this be the crisis he needs?  What does he think?

At the same time, we have an ongoing police investigation into “cash for honours”, a scandal concerning a practice that’s by no means new, and is a good deal less corrupt than much of what this government has done.  To be brought down by that might be a way for his historical record to escape very lightly from focussing on more serious crimes.


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