b***** routers

I’ve now got three routers sitting around.  None of the buggers works reliably, so if I vanish without trace, I could just be languishing in an unconnected world.  That means I’m in the market for a new one.

But this time, I want one that’ll work reliably, and go on working reliably.  Preferably one with a sensible frontend and decent software, unlike the 3Com officeconnect thingey that’s always been hopelessly buggy (for example, DHCP failed completely as soon as I allocated a single fixed IP for the desktop box that receives incoming mail, DNS service is a sick joke, and more seriously, ADSL goes up and down seemingly at random).  And preferably one without the classic ECN bug and annoying inactivity timeout of the old linksys.  Hmmm … I guess the dynamode thingey didn’t have such bad bugs, but its UI is a nightmare, and it doesn’t do wireless.

Oh, and one with a minimum of silly flashing lights.  Tiny LEDs are inevitable, but not the big blue monstrosities on some modern equipment.  Grrr …


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  1. I’ve got a spare router I can lend you, but it has got BIG BLUE MONSTROSITIES. Still, it’s been 100% reliable for my humble non-techie usage (I have two of the things, both seem to work OK but I only need one at present, hence the offer of a loan).

    Frankly I don’t care about the silly blue flashing lights provided it does the job, which it seems to do perfectly well.

    Alternatively I have a wired-only one with no blue flashing thingies (I assume you want wireless) which you can have for keeps if you’re interested. I never got the thing to work, but that’s probably down to me and/or my lousy former ISP rather than any fault of the machine itself.

    You know where to email/call if you want to take me up on the offer….

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