Beer Festival (Tavistock style)

Just been to the “Beer Festival” at the Trout and Tickle pub, with John and Helena. It was really just a bit of a publicity event for the low season, featuring five different beers from Otter Brewery. Anyway, we indulged ourselves in a three course meal with generous amounts of beer.

The pub itself is reasonable but not distinguished, and I’d say the same for the food and beer. It’s a little out of town, but still easy walking distance. It’s rather more pleasant than our (disappointing) in-town pubs, but no match for some of the nicer rural pubs further out. I also consider it overpriced for what it is.

For an evening meal in the area, if you definitely want a pub rather than (say) a chinese restaurant, and if you lack the mobility to get to, for example, the Royal Inn, the Elephant’s Nest, or the Plume of Feathers, then it’s a reasonable choice. But that’s more “if”s than are likely to happen very often.

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  1. “Trout and Tipple” – although I like the idea of “Tickle”! Perhaps we should suggest a name change?

    Disappointed that they had run out of trout since that’s what two of us wanted to order. It comes from the place just across the road, and from which the pub now takes its name – we local boys still remember it as the Cottage Inn. However I suppose it shows that they serve the fish fresh, rather than keep it in a deep freeze.

    Perhaps the otter got to the trout first?


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