Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

Re-licensing apr_dbd_mysql

OK, I’ve re-licensed apr_dbd_mysql to permit distribution under the ASL 2.0 when aggregated with APR-UTIL.  Due to the licensing incompatibility, this is necessary if it is to be aggregated.  Which in turn makes life easier for end-users.

This follows recent discussion with the Debian packagers.  The original problem is discussed in more detail here.


Alice in Business

I’ve indulged myself a little on this month’s ElReg column, with a little sketch highlighting some of the absurdities in how we live. Specifically, the lengths we go to to facilitate and subsidise moving bodies around, while putting less damaging alternatives at a disadvantage. Alice in Business only scratches the surface, but a proper rant on the subject wouldn’t hold your attention now, would it?

A cast of characters taken loosely from the original Alice get in a minor dig at corrupt practices and at travel misery/quality of life, too. And a bootnote points to further reading including my manifesto and the dedication to the book.