Advantages of an accessible manager

Renting accommodation in the UK is a mugs game, at least once you’re working for a living. It’s always cost more than mortgage interest on a comparable property. And there are huge tax advantages to property ownership, compared to other assets.

But occasionally it can work to your advantage. This afternoon I went out, and found I couldn’t shut the front door to the house. So I called on the managing agent, and explained the urgency of fixing it. Of course, the agent has all the relevant workmen on its books, so they know who to call. And they’re a big/valuable client for the workmen, so they can get priority. They contacted one of their contractors, and within half an hour of my reporting the problem, he was here to fix it. The front door now closes just fine.

Worryingly, the workman found damage to the hinges and lock, that looked like someone trying to break it. The reason for the door not closing was the hinges.


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