Weapons above the law – official

Since the end of the cold war, the major armaments exporters have moved in two directions. Some have wound down their industries; notably the former Soviet Union. But The US and UK have instead instigated a series of high-profile smaller wars as armaments industry trade fairs, and have economies that are critically dependent on arms exports – which go very largely to some of the world’s nastiest regimes.

According to The Economist, the UK’s arms exports are second only to the US, and over three times more than the next biggest exporters Russia and France.  That of course is the real reason why the US and UK always need more wars, while other countries oppose them.

In the UK, that has just become more blatently corrupt than ever, as the serious fraud office abandoned a major investigation on the grounds that billions worth of exports were at stake. So arms exporters are now officially above the law. Fraud is just fine if you’re One Of Us™.

We’re just like a drug addict who can’t kick the habit.


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