Body Language is the Liar’s Friend?

The Indy today reports previously-suppressed evidence that the Prime Minister/Government never believed its own lies about Iraq.

That comes as no surprise to me. Throughout the lead in to the war, it seemed blatently obvious that Blair was lying. Just hearing his voice on the radio gave it away. So how come it wasn’t obvious to all those in the chattering classes who believed him, or at least gave him the benefit of the doubt?

Here’s a theory. Blair’s body language tells an altogether different story. So anyone who saw him on the telly saw a convincing display of a man who truly believed what he was saying.

This is courtroom technique in action. As a successful barrister, his job was always to convince an audience (jury) of a case. That would commonly involve a virtuoso display of distorting the truth out of all recognition. After all, a litigant who has truth on his side is unlikely to see any need for the hideous cost of a barrister, so his livelihood comes almost entirely from the dishonest.

So that’ll be why those who live by deception insist on the importance of face-to-face contact, while those of us who can’t or won’t lie can envisage a better world.

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  1. This really shows the power of Body Language.
    We had a similar case here in germany, and everyone who saw it on TV was believing it. Politicians are good actors these days.
    But if You just listen, then You find it obvious they are lying.
    Seems the voice is much harder to control than the Body Language .

    Maybe it`s better to turn of the picture when “watching” the news.

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