Getting our footbridge back?

Tavistock is built in and around the valley of the river Tavy. It is also the start of a canal leading to the Tamar, the larger, navigable river that forms the border with Cornwall a few miles away. The canal is a fine example of Industrial age engineering, and includes a big tunnel through the hills, and a big drop – too big to work on just conventional locks – where it joins the Tamar at the far end.

Around the river and canal, there is a park. Normally there are paths along both sides of the river, and a footbridge connecting them near the Wharf area (little theatre, library, and sports facilities). But for some weeks, one of the paths has been closed, and the bridge has been removed and left as an ugly mess on the remaining path. Not good.

Today I passed the site of the bridge, and they appear to be replacing it. Nothing is open yet, but there’s a new footbridge. Let’s hope it’s for real, and they reopen that other path!


Posted on December 13, 2006, in local, tavistock. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yes Nick, you are getting a new footbridge. The old one had become structurally unsound due to corrosion and, after several attempts to patch it up, was finally condemned by the engineers. I believe the new one should be ready fairly soon now and the path will be reopened.

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