noodl: good luck

noodl: we’re missing you on IRC. Hope to see you back soon, from your new abode (country, continent, etc).

pctony just spoke of sending you a good luck email. Being a little tipsy, I thought a public blog entry would serve instead:-) All the best, wherever you are right now!


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  1. Noodl,

    I agree with niq, for once. Where the hell are you?
    We miss your (somewhat sick, and depraved) sense of humour and your love of Debian 😉

    Hope you are having a great time, and loving every minute with your wife and daughter.

    Good luck buddy, see you in #apache when you can tear yourself away from the two of them.

  2. Noodl! Where are you?!

    Yeah, seriously, you need to get your priorities straight. It’s all very well that you’ve moved to the utter-most parts of the world, but that’s no excuse for dropping off of IRC. 😉


  3. Yeah! Where are you? Right about this time, I’d be kicking you in the nads for not being on IRC, but you’re not on IRC… Just wait till you get back on IRC…


  4. Yeah! Where am I?!

    Well, I’m in Saraburi about 60 miles north of Bangkok. The weather’s a clement 25 degrees (this is the cold season) and I’m just adjusting to Thai time (by which I’m not referring to jet-lag).

    It’s unspeakably great to finally have my family all together at last, and with no looming return date in sight. My daughter’s warming to me slowly (for those that don’t know, I’ve spent only 2 months with my daughter in her first two years) and my wife’s as radiant as ever.

    As for IRC, I’m hoping to get a connection of some sort in the next two weeks. For the moment I’ll have to keep badgering the Raan-Internet (internet cafe without the coffee).

    Pictures to follow 🙂

    noodl (missing fajita)

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