When the line goes down

I think I have a renewed insight into the frustration felt by the luser when systems don’t work.

As a hack working at the ‘bleeding edge’, I regularly encounter things that don’t work, at one level or another. That leaves me the choice. If I care about it I’ll start hacking at it, with the aid of the usual toolset (logs, TFM, google, etc). If not, I’ll probably just ignore it.

But when the fault is “no ADSL”, suddenly I’m just another luser. I know nothing about ADSL troubleshooting, or the internals of my router. I’ve tried the options the router offers me, including rebooting it, all to no avail. And without connectivity, I can’t even RTFM. Aaargh ….

So, I dial my ISP’s number. A couple of menu options later, I’m treated to upwards of half an hour of the most mind-numbing muzak, putting me firmly in the frame of mind of a luser ready to curse anyone and everything. Grrrr ….

And here’s the irony. This pain is what open source liberates you from. Yet FUD leads people to expect the opposite.

p.s. Yes it’s fixed now; that’s how I’m here blogging. About two and a half hours without connectivity altogether.


Posted on November 24, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You’re with PlusNet if I recall correctly. I guess they’re practising for their forthcoming takeover by BT. As a BT user myself, I can appreciate the frustration of lengthy outages and dodgy customer “service”.

    Cheers, John

  2. Seems to me like you have the first signs of internet addiction. I found myself in some similar situations, just that mine were a little bit more starnge since I was the sysadmin. Having being reduced to a l-user because of no conectivity gave me some head aches. Its strange being forced to think of solutions without the help of the internet. Anyway, I have a small blog here http://www.it-everyday.com where I like to post some of the things that happened to me lately. Maybe you will find yourself in similar positions , or have been in one.


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