Humbug at more public expense

For maybe a week now, the town centre has been infested with coloured lights.  Of course, the excuse is christmas, though this kind of tackiness can hardly be very uplifting even if you’re a christian simpleton or small child.

But of course it’s not christmas anyway, and whatever the arguments for having decorations, having them up for nearly two months is just obscene: it devalues what could be a nice little midwinter festival.  I recollect in Italy (where I lived for six years) seeing a couple of weeks rather than months of core festivities: that gives them something a bit special!

Now, guess who has to pay for this infernal humbug?  And when we’re supposed to care about energy consumption, they’re wasting more on lighting this small town alone than I use in the entire year.  Can I hold anyone accountable?


Posted on November 23, 2006, in local, rants, tavistock, uk. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. LOL! I agree. Too much too soon. Sooooo .. I guess the fact that my wife insisted I put our lights up last weekend would put me down as your worst neighbor. 🙂

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