Winter cometh

By rights it’s winter now. Daylight hours are short, with dusk coming at half past four, and the autumn colours have given way to bare trees. Yet the temperature is still autumn: shorts and T-shirt are fine whilst on the move (even a gentle walk is adequate), though an extra layer is worthwhile if one has to sit around when it’s not sunny.

At this time in 2003 I collected my last blackberries of that year’s superb season. They were past their best, but with no money, I needed them to survive! This year, blackberries were absurdly early, peaking back in late August, and the brambles have been bare for some time. So I’ve just taken the first batch of August/September blackberries and apples out of the freezer, and made a crumble of them. It’s come out superb: one of my best:-)

Last week I made my first winter-root-vegetable soup of the season, when I saw swedes had dropped to half their previous price. Taking that together with the frozen blackberries, winter has officially arrived in my household.


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