Fear of flying

Now I’m too late for my brother’s wedding. It’s my own fault, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of it. And I could really do with a holiday: my work hasn’t been at its most productive of late.

But I’d be almost as much ashamed if I had made it. The trouble is, I’m in the UK, my brother is in New Zealand. That flight is something I’d also be ashamed of, and it would stink of hypocrisy.

But what really terrifies me now is the prospect of a long flight without even being allowed my bottle of water. I always carry water when I travel, and I need it. When flying in the past, the occasional (always small) drinks available on board have always been totally inadequate. And now they’ve banned bottles of water! Flights may be incredibly cheap now (far cheaper than in 1990 when I went downunder for a conference in Oz), but out of bounds to someone who needs his drink.

Once upon a time, there was a joke about this hazardous chemical, dihydrogen monoxide. It could be mildly amusing. But when the government give us this new variant, it’s utterly unfunny.


Posted on November 16, 2006, in rants, travel. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. What we have taken to doing is bring and *empty* water bottle through security. They generally let you do that, because it’s the liquid that’s suspect, not the container. Then we fill it up at an airport water fountain or, before they let you take stuff from the concourse onto the plane, asked a flight attendant to fill it up.

    Also, they tend to keep you pretty well hydrated on long flights, at least United does.

  2. As far as i can see (and i’ve just come back from Tunisia) the ban is on taking your own water through security. Once beyond security you can buy water in the departures lounge and take that on board.

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