US Elections bad news?

Some of us said in the lead in to the Iraq war: the lying warmongers Bush and Blair need to get a seriously bloody nose out of this. Serious enough to put the dampers on any more such wars for a generation.

That shows signs of happening.

But now the Democrats victory leaves Bush an escape route. He can beat an ignominious retreat, and his propaganda machine can blame it on the Democrats (who already deserve a minority share of the blame, and will no doubt build on that). It may not be convincing to us outsiders, but his loyalists will of course believe it, just as they believe there was a connection between Saddam and Bin Laden (other than the fact that Rumsfeld made millions selling weapons to both of them).

With an effective scapegoat in place, the next president but one or thereabouts might do exactly the same thing somewhere else. And that’s the worst possible outcome.

On the other hand, if they can turn up very serious dirt on the administration (e.g. by following the money from 9/11), maybe some benefit could come. Not that they’d be able to publish that kind of thing in our lifetimes.


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  1. Hi, you have qualified (“following the money from 9/11”) for a tinfoil hat. Please let us know where we can ship it.

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