Sample proofs of the book

I’ve just got sample proofs of Chapter 2 from the publisher, with instructions to check whether I’m happy with the general appearance and layout, but ignore things like typos(!)

Being a plain text kind of person, I find that harder than reviewing the text, and I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and print it out to review it. I’m not convinced the headings are sufficiently distinctive (hmmmm), and inline fixed font elements (variables, module names, etc) look larger than the text in code listings. Those are things I can’t judge from on-screen. On the definitely-positive side, they seem to have done a good job with code examples, with no bogus line-wrap in evidence.

Looking at my series editor’s own Linux book in the series, I see the same typographic traits, so I guess that’s what we get.

My Chapter 2 was 25 pages (A4 size). That’s become 32 pages in their 7*9 size. Since the whole book was 43? pages when it went into production, that seems consistent with the 560 pages they’ve advertised. 30% of that is the HTTP spec (RFC2616) which is included as an appendix. I d*** well want that in print for myself, and I expect my readers will too!


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  1. Paying 30% more (and extra weight as well) to get a print of something that has been available online for ages? not really, no – if I’d had dreams about a print of that I would have printed it years ago 😉

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