Narcissism with google

My dad ‘phoned this morning, as he usually does on a Sunday. Somehow, the conversation got on to namesakes. I know there’s another Nick Kew on the web: he shows up on a google images search (which will also give you a lot of false hits for me).

Anyway, I switched the search to look for namesakes of my dad, and found a few. Then returned to google’s normal web search and found more. That’s a definite contrast: a google search on my own name turns up a page of just me.

So I wondered: how far can one dominate google’s results for one’s own name? Well, I just tried it, and the first 73 pages are either by me, or third-parties who reference me by name. The first competition is at position #74, where the reference is “… take Nick to Kew Gardens …”. That’s not me, and I’ve never been to the gardens.

Of course, it’s of no commercial value: anyone using the search term knows exactly what they want, and they’ll find it whether or not it’s me. But I wonder how much the “come top in …” con-artists would charge for that:-)


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