Books on Apache security

I’ve got two apache security books, both of them freebies from their respective publishers. I’ve dipped in to both of them, liked them, and gone on record saying they’re worth having for a person responsible for running an Apache server.

Now I’m planning a detailed comparative review, to be published at apachetutor. So I’ve upgraded from dipping in to reading in detail. Interesting how different things look: a highly readable writing style and great coverage of an author’s favourite topics can coexist with altogether less comprehensive coverage and omissions elsewhere.

Interestingly, it kind-of confirms some of my gut feelings about what is common knowledge amongst competent admins. The (brief) security overview in my book includes topics I suppose the reader may not be familiar with. Seems I was right about that, even when the reader has read a security book.

Looks like the basis for another apachetutor article, over and above the planned book review.


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  1. I read Ivan’s book when it first came out, and was impressed with it, and learned quite a few things from it. However, it’s been a while since I read it, and I can’t remember specifics about it. It did seem to me that the coverage of mod_security was less than I thought it would be, and that the coverage of other topics was more than I thought it would be. Perhaps I should read it again.

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