Affiliate Networks

Another long-awaited round tuit is to try and get Apache Tutor to cover its basic running costs by linking to relevant books: both mine and others (which I guess I ought to review for that).

That means joining some affiliate network. My first stop was Amazon, where I tried to sign up a week or two ago. But it’s too broken to use:

  • The front page redirects me to Actually it doesn’t – it’s too broken – but that’s what it tries to do.
  • lets me sign up as an affiliate, but won’t generate a link to my book, which rather defeats the point. That’s presumably because – unlike – it isn’t accepting orders.
  • Most pages away from the front page let me view them, but it won’t let me either sign up as an affiliate or log in using my ID. More brokenness.

So the next port of call was Barnes & Noble. That was a much smoother process: it let me sign up as an affiliate and generate links to my book (which I’ve now done). The fly in the ointment is that its tracking mechanism is going to break, and not give me a referral fee, on anyone whose browser declines to load images from their site whilst viewing my page, or whose browser or network use privacy settings. Since my audience is people who are already web-savvy techies, that probably loses most of them.

Bah, humbug


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