Public Torture

In the UK (rather more than in other countries I’m familiar with), being in a band is a socially acceptable occupation for a person who has no talent, and is too lazy to do a regular job, or at best does something constructive but mindless. It’s positively encouraged amongst prisoners, on the grounds that it’s less destructive than other things they might do on release. I expect the people who point prisoners and other disruptive kids in that direction live in quiet suburbs.

Bands with absolutely no musical talent have a tendency to substitute raw decibels. And certain pubs specialise in that kind of band. One such is the Tavistock Inn. Most Friday and Saturday nights, and sometimes during the week, they inflict misery on all around. They’re not actually very near me, but even with the windows closed (and it’s still shorts-and-t-shirt weather outside) and my own radio on, I get a pounding noise that makes a pneumatic drill sound positively musical by comparison.

Is there anything one can do? I try to save mindless and/or noisy chores such as cleaning the apartment for times when I can’t do anything else, but it doesn’t really help. Move house seems to be the only real option.

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